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The Majestic Society ::V.I.P Member Form


You can sign up for this membership level immediately to start receiving the benefits, or it will gradually increase after 60 days of the "Citizen" membership You will start to make $10.00 a month from EVERYONE that you have brought into The Majestic Society and is also an Architect or Global Leader, and $5.00 /mo. for every Citizen until they increase their membership, where you will then start making $10.00 /mo. As an Architect, membership increases to only $19/mo. and here is where
you should be making hundreds, or even thousands per month!!!
Yes...it works just that quick!


Global Leader

Here's where it gets even better!

In another 2 months that will seem to fly right by, you will automatically start to make money for all 5 generations of your family tree. The Global Leader Membership is $49.99/mo. and rightly so.

Think about this for a second! Expand

  • For the 1st Generation you will make $5/mo. per Member that you brought into The Majestic Society and it will increase to $10.00/mo. once they become an Architect or Global Leader.
  • From the 2nd Generation you will make $10/mo. for Every Member that your 1st generation brings in and are Global Leaders.
  • From the 3rd Generation you will make an additional $2/mo. for Every Member that your 2nd generation brought in and are Global Leaders.
  • From the 4th Generation you will make another $2/mo. for Every Member that your 3rd generation brought in and are Global Leaders.
  • And finally, from the 5th Generation, you will make an additional $1/mo. for Every Member in your 4th generation that are Global Leaders.

Allow us to make it plain one more time! Expand

If you only brought in 2 Members, and every one of them brought in 2 Members that has stayed in The Majestic Society as Global Leaders, then that by itself is
$130 per month.

But if you only brought in 5 Members and every one of them only did the same and stayed at The Majestic Society, then that comes out to be over
$8,000 per month...
Every Month!

This system is completely automatic…you bring in your friends and followers and we'll take care of the rest!

There are 7 billion people in the world and according to internet live stats
there are almost 3 billion internet users.

We only ask that you focus on bringing in at least 10 members, while also helping to make
sure that those 10 friends bring in at least 10 members each as well!

How many Facebook friends do you have? Twitter followers? ...
We're sure that you get the picture by now!

Our Motto is simple....

"Everybody pays, and everybody gets paid!"

Your user name will only be displayed to All of your Direct Contacts. For contacts 2 Levels away only your first name and the first letter of your second name will be displayed. All others will see only your first name.

Please read more in our Privacy Policy.

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