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It's Finally Here…

Now you can Make Money while you socialize!

The wait is over, you can now earn hundreds or even thousands per month from your social network friends, followers and more!

The Alliance Control Panel

Your very own Personal Control Panel that is simply mind blowing. Get your own personal daily or weekly reports showing the money that you have earned, and even allow you to see the membership signups of lower levels that have generated money for you too. All of this and so much more...
  • Trends Reports
  • Commissions Reports
  • Raw Clicks Reports
  • Banners and Links Reports
  • Sub Level Sales Stats Reports
Get paid monthly for Every Single Member that you bring in and Joins The Majestic Society! Not only do you get paid for them, but you also get paid for everyone that they bring in, etc....for a full 5 generations!
How many people do you know that are on a social network? You can make money off of your email/network contacts or even other websites that receive any amount traffic! You will be making thousands and thousands of dollars per month, every month!

Audio/Video comments

Members can send voice or video messages to each other Members can post audio or video testimonials for other members Members can share images to one another during chat

Welcome to The Love Zone™

We have something that is so much better than the typical, outdated, dating website!

  • The Love Zone™ $19.99 per month (Free for Members of The Majestic Society) light years ahead of your typical dating site!
  • Share photos, videos and music.
  • Add your personal videos and music to your Love Zone™ profile.
  • Post your blogs and let them know that you're beautiful both on the inside and out.
  • Create groups to share their interests and affiliations.
  • MATCHMAKING and so much more!

Voice and Video Chat

  • Members can create their own private rooms.
  • Members can invite each other to a Private Video Chat.
  • Members can share jpeg, zip, and pdf files.
  • Chat with all available members from The Majestic Society.
  • Share business networking tips and advice.
  • Business/social conference from great minds all over the world.
  • YouTube Player. Allows you to watch videos from YouTube directly to the Global Chatroom...Imagine the possibilities!
  • Ability to ignore user.
  • IRC Commands.
  • Multi-Language Support.

2 different Instant Messengers

  • 1 personal Instant Messenger for immediate friends.
  • 1 Global Instant Messenger for all members of The Majestic Society
  • Members can tweet a page via Twitter straight from the site *This is one of the simplest ways to make money!!!
  • Mobile Support so that you can stay connected on the go.
  • Private message notification.
  • *Facebook Integration - Majestic Society Members can connect their Facebook account and chat with their Facebook friends!
*(this feature coming soon)

Business, Social and Personal Profiles

Sound and Video Profiles

Members can easily add sound or video to their profile, which will be automatically embedded into their profile page.

"Bookmarked me" section

Profiles can be bookmarked! Members are even able to see who has bookmarked their profile.

"Viewed me" section

Members are even able to see who has bookmarked their profile.

Exclusive V.I.P World Wide Events

  • Invite members from The Majestic Society or by way of email.
  • Share yours or any other event with most social networking sites.
  • Members can announce date/time/location based events.
  • Other members can attend events and see who's already in an attendees list.
  • Ability to personalize event by choosing a template, modify colors, use custom CSS tags.
  • Events can be bookmarked.

Instant Notifications

Members will see instant notifications at the bottom right corner of their screen when their friend comes online, when there's a new visitor on their profile, when new message arrives and when there's an event reminder set for the current moment.

Photo Albums

  • Members can upload photos and put them into their photo albums.
  • They can also limit access to each album for various groups of members.
  • Members can comment on photos.

Global Memos

Members are able to send a message to all of their friends at the same time. These messages will appear in a special "Global Memos" section.

Saved Searches

Members can save their search and be notified by email when there's a new match to their search criteria.


  • Members can upload their videos and put them into various categories.
  • Members can view videos, vote for them and leave comments.
  • Ability to search for video files or browse videos by categories.
  • Post your independent movies and sell them on your own personal website!
  • Members can vote for and leave comments/feedback on your video.


  • Members can upload music media files (sound or video).
  • Make your own music and let the world hear you.
  • Stay connected to industry leaders and the fans that love your music at the same time.
  • It's easy to sell your own music when you're helping people make the money to not only buy it, but to change their own personal lives and the ones that they love!

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